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Frank MagliatoFrank Magliato has a plethora of skills. Working for a variety of companies has allowed him to see investments from different angles making his decision more refined. Frank Magliato was involved in the founding of a selection of companies in the telecommunications space which makes him a great resource for this topic. He was the President of Telecorp Inc., a company he operated and financed himself which helped him to understand company needs from a macro standpoint. Telecorp Inc. was involved in the reselling of long distance services. Frank Magliato would later found, finance, and run a telecommunications company called Digitec2000 which worked in the prepaid sector of telecommunications. The company was then publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol DGTT which helped him to understand the needs of wall street as well.

Frank Magliato’s Businesses & Career

Frank MagliatoFrank Magliato is an alumnus of both the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and New York University, both of which are vaunted tertiary institutions in their own rights. He earned degrees in Business and Engineering during his time at those institutions. His academic background helped to launch a career that has not only grown over the course of the last three or four decades, but evolved as well.

Frank Magliato became President of Telecorp Inc., financing and operating a telecommunications company which resold long distance services. He later became President of Digitec2000, Inc., a company he founded, financed, and operated. The telecommunications firm specializes in prepaid domestic and international calling, which was, even at that time, a booming business with strong growth.

Frank Magliato, Professional Investor

Frank Magliato

Many clients have a tendency to describe Frank Magliato as a highly talented investment professional. One reason for that is that he has demonstrated a unique level of skill when it comes to identifying the best business opportunities available for a given situation and acting on them in a way that benefits his clients. He has often been praised for his ability to look at investment opportunities from many angles, which may be why he is capable of making the best of any situation. Frank Magliato’s high level of knowledge comes from his experience, which has stretched nearly four decades by now. He has dealt with private and public equity transactions in a great many financial areas and the deals he has guided to fruition run the gamut, from mining to social media, and in telecom and even in the development of real.

Over such a long career, Frank Magliato has sought to hone his skills. As the president of Saddle River Associates & Company, he learned how to do many things. A private equity company specialized in corporate transactions, Saddle River and Frank Magliato completed more than $500 million worth of projects in many business areas. Some time ago, Frank Magliato founded, financed and served as President of Digitec2000, Inc., a telecom company that specialized in the sale of prepaid domestic and international long distance calling cards and other instruments. Frank repeated that success when he founded and ran a similar long distance resale company, Telecorp Inc.

Frank Magliato is so highly regarded that he also has served on a number of companies’ boards of directors. Among those have been Capital Trading Group, Guardian Finance Group, Consorcio Vista Verde, Veragold Mining Company, and Nabali Investments.

Frank Magliato’s Clients Appreciate Him

Frank Magliato has been described by clients as someone uniquely capable of identifying business opportunities and acting on them on behalf of clients at the most opportune time. It has been said that he can see such opportunities from a variety of angles, to make the most of any situation. His high level of skill is probably because his background covers more than 35 years’ experience in public and private equity transactions in all sorts of financial areas, including such diverse areas as real estate development, retail , telecommunications, mining and social media.

With all types of business experience over the years, Frank Magliato has been sharpening his business acumen in many different ways. For example, he once served as President of Saddle River Associates & Company, a private equity company that specialized in corporate transactions to the point that they have completed more than $500 million of projects. For example, while he was there, Frank worked on the sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to Del Monte, as well as a $150 million real estate development project in Panama. Frank also has plenty of education, with a degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a business degree from New York University.

Frank Magliato also founded, financed and served as President of Digitec2000, Inc., which is a telecommunications company specializing in prepaid domestic and international calling. Likewise, he helped to finance and served as president for another long distance resale company, Telecorp Inc., for a time. Frank also serves on several boards of directors for a number of companies, including Veragold Mining Company, Consorcio Vista Verde, Guardian Finance Group, Nabali Investments and Capital Trading Group.

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